Australian Outback Tours

australian outback tours

The Loire Valley is in the heart of Europe and close to many other tourist sites of significant historic and cultural importance. A million miles away from the Australian Outback you may well imagine. But possibly they have more in common than you think.

Although not well recognised for it, Australia has a culture well worth experiencing. The history of Australian Aboriginal culture goes back over possibly 60,000 years and is the oldest surviving culture in the world. The modern Australian Outback culture was forged by pioneers who risked their lives in the harsh conditions of an undeveloped Australia to start a new life.

Both these fascinating cultures can be discovered when you take an Outback tour. Aussie Farmstay and Bush Adventure operate their Outback tours from Sydney which take travellers away from the city and into the bush to discover the culture, history and nature of  Australian Outback tours.

The true Australian Outback starts much further from Sydney than it is possible to drive to on a 1 or 2 day tour from Sydney, but the easily accessible bush visited with Aussie Farmstay and Bush Adventures has the same unique Outback culture as found further inland.

You will have an Outback experience not easy to forget when you travel with Sally from Aussie Farmstay and Bush Adventures and visit the unique farm “Inglevale” near Eugowra in Central West NSW. This small farm has been cultivated exclusively with horse teams for its entire history. The father of current owner Bill Norris, Wilf, never saw the need to buy a tractor when his horses worked very well, and that’s the way the work has been done ever since.

The Norris’s, who visitors get to meet and spend an afternoon, evening and morning with, are a typical generous and friendly Australian bush family who typify Outback ideals. As well as discovering age old farming techniques of horse work and shearing, visitors enjoy a meal around the campfire and are entertained with performances of traditional and modern Australian country music.

Away from any lights (the farm has no electricity connection) the opportunity to view the brilliant Southern skies stars is not to be missed. It is here that Sally can recount some Aboriginal legends of constellations and explain how the Aboriginal people viewed the sky.

Another outstanding experience of Aboriginal culture is at the Waradah Centre in Katoomba which is visited on her Outback tours. Here the Aboriginal hosts explain Aboriginal lifestyle, customs and artefacts and perform Aboriginal dances and music. This world class facility provides a favourite tour experience.

So although a world away from the culture of Europe, Australia’s Outback has cultures all of its own no less fascinating which Aussie Farmstay and Bush Adventures can reveal to you.

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