Business Loans for a Chateau in the Loire Valley

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Fairy tales such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White gave us the need to make sense of life and romance with the hope of good triumphing over evil, but aside from that, it also opened our eyes to the breathtaking beauty of magnificent castles.

Imagine living in a tower-topped chateau governing the landscape with a vision of mystique and romance. Walking in through the castle doors and going up the long, windy staircase will make you feel like you’re transported into a dream, a fairy tale land where happy endings always exist.

If you’ve ever been to the Loire Valley in France, you must have visited some of the magnificent and enchanting castles in your exploration expedition. The countryside is riddled with a number of majestic chateaux with a diverse palette of styles which captures the imagination like no other architectural wonder.

Chateaux are definitely not cheap and usually has over 1 hectare of land. But despite of it being costly, there’s a strong interest for people to buy such property, either for a family home or a tourism trade. Business loans are what most business people turn to, to gain the financial assistance they need in order to acquire the chateau of their dreams. They’re either renovated then transformed into a hotel or serves as a family retreat for the more affluent ones.

If you’re contemplating on buying a chateau either for pleasure or business, you can find many beautiful properties to choose from in the Loire Valley. French chateaux and large estates are offering value for money with acres of land, lakes, outhouses and ample floor spaces. Those with less budgets opt to buy a large building with little land to make their money go further while others buy a smaller Logis style property and then utilises the land for horses, wildlife or hunting.

Living in a castle is nothing short of spectacular and if I had the resources, I definitely would buy a chateau in France where I can live my very own fairy tale. But for the meantime, I’ll just go ahead and book a trip to the Loire Valley for a spot of castle hopping!