Corporate Holidays in the Loire Valley

According to a 2015 survey conducted by Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., a global outplacement and business coaching firm, 80 percent of the respondents still planned to have their corporate holiday parties despite the slow economic growth.

Corporate holidays are unlike the holidays which most people experience with friends and family. They tend to be shared with a group of people who aren’t familiar with one another and require an ice breaker to occur. Traditionally, corporate holidays are filled with booze, music and flirting; however, companies can throw parties that can still be classy, relaxing and fun.

Corporations that have deep pockets can host upscale corporate holiday events and treat their employees to a trip of their lifetime. One of the places upmarket travellers might want to visit is the Loire Valley, the land of chateaus, fine wines and stunning sceneries. Considered as among the top holiday destinations in the world, Loire Valley offers a lot of activities that holidaymakers can enjoy. Here is a guide of things to do while in Loire Valley:

  • Tour Around the Valley on Bike
    The stress and pressure of a corporate job is very taxing. While in Loire Valley, you can relax and appreciate the beauty of the region while biking your way to some of the famous chateaus, parks and gardens on quiet country roads. You can either arrange group tours or just rent a bike and discover the allure and splendour of the countryside.
  • Get Sporty With a Canoe Holiday
    After pedalling through the forest, going back to the Renaissance period with trips to chateaus, and resetting your inner Zen at reposeful parks and gardens, you can paddle your way to more explorations with a canoe. Discover more chateaus and know more about the valley’s rich culture and heritage while following the rhythm of the water as it streamed down the river. Canoeing is a good team building activity. Companies can set race contests in groups or pairs. There are also group tours available to travellers.
  • Drink Wine
    Savour the French heritage with wine at vineyards and wine bars. While in Loire Valley, don’t miss visiting vine-covered hillsides that surround the region. Sample some of the most famous quaffs that are grown around the area or enjoy themed-nights at lounge bars which offer cocktails, salsa and jazz music. Celebrate your promotion or your company’s success at wine bars while relishing delicious terrines and rilletes that are made more flavourful with a bottle of Sancerre.
  • Throw a Fairy Tale-Themed Ball
    Since you are already surrounded with castles and a Renaissance ambiance, throw a fairy tale-themed ball where employees get to dress as royalties. Pose as kings and queens at stationed photo booths or have a portrait taken by a pro. Hand them custom-made goodies and souvenirs from their trip at Loire Valley. Don’t forget to add some music and of course, food and wine.

Employees look forward to enjoying corporate holidays. Before giving them a lavish experience of fun and spectacle, always keep your company’s finances in check. For upmarket travellers, avoid incurring debts during your holiday trip. If and when this happens, settle them with companies that provide quality assurance.