Classic French Furniture

The French are famous for their art, fine food, and wines but that’s not all they’re famous for. The French know how to make life pleasantly beautiful and you can see it from their homes where they enjoy decorative arts and furniture that span centuries of great style.

The category of French furniture includes some of the most exquisite and sophisticated furniture that has ever been produced. There are a lot of different pieces of furniture that are classified as French furniture items such as beds, solid wood desks, cabinets, boardroom tables, dining tables and chairs.

The appearance and features of classic French-style furniture are easy to spot. The cabriole chair legs, the simple scalloped carving, the ladderback chairs, the eccentric embellishments and intricate embroidery, the plush silk upholstery with floral needlework, these are characteristics of French furniture.

There are different types of French furniture. The French provincial style of furniture for example follows the design innovations initiated in the luxury trades of Paris. This style has cultural identities distinct from the metropolis and is made in the provincial centres like Blois and Orléans in the Loire Valley. There is also the French country style furniture which was very popular up until the middle of the nineteenth century and has a conservative rural style characteristic. There is also the Parisian style of French furniture which reflects the cosmopolitan French culture and is one of the main designs that come from Paris, the decorative part of Europe. Another type of French furniture is the French Royal furniture which was made in a grand style for the French monarchy, and has the most exuberant designs of decorative furniture the world have known.

Different styles of furniture have been influenced by many different styles in Europe. A lot of modern furniture today are inspired from French-style furniture and are given a twist to create that shabby chic look giving homes that rustic French shabby chic flavour.

French furniture is something considered to be timelessly elegant, intimate and romantic. There will always be that unique difference as French furniture adds that flawless touch of French glamour to any home.