The Loire Valley offers the most diverse range of attractions – from the splendid Chateaux and cathedrals, rivers and forests, to plush gardens and natural parks, the Loire has it all. You’ll not be disappointed with all the activities you can do on land, water and in the sky.

The Loire Valley is most famous for the magnificent chateaux that bring the tourists here but there are more to the Loire than these glorious masterpieces. When in the Loire, go and visit some of their natural attractions that are waiting to be explored.

Immerse in the serene setting of the Loire when you explore the island on the river. Europe’s last untamed river, the Loire combines plush, untouched landscapes with a world-renowned architectural heritage. No wonder it is listed as a World Heritage by UNESCO.

A winding course with boundless birds from other countries flying in the clouds has made the river a natural site for exceptional Châteaux. And the ingeniously made cave dwellings and impressive appeal of the bridges across this river are just amazing.

The Loire is changing ceaselessly, from green islets to moving sandbanks. The seeds brought by boats, winds and birds blossom on the Loire making it a natural reserve of tropical plants.

The Sologne Rivers and the Orléans Forest are home to mouth-watering flora and fauna. A ride on a river barge will lead you back to the days of the busy and bustling trade along the Loire River.

In the forest of Orleans and around the Sologne area, a hike or a trip by bike will take you down the roads and quiet paths amid woods and lakes where you can relish in the serenity of nature and all of the life it contains.

The Ile de la Folie in Chaumont sur Loire is home to the hardworking beavers. The countless variations of the river also attract an exceptional variety of birds. So why not come over to Chaumont or Amboise and discover this wildlife by boat.

In the north and south, two regional parks offer protected and scenic environs. The Parc Naturel Régional du Perche is identified more for its forests and hedgerows whilst the Parc Naturel Régional de la Brenne is famed for its numerous ponds.

Nature outings on foot or aboard traditional boats are perfect ways for families to discover the various natural environments of the Loire Valley. And if you like seeing things from above, a hot-air balloon flight will expose the landscape from a different angle whilst you enjoy the pure fresh air from above.

Go and see Touraine, a former French province that is recognized for its art, history and culture. This region has a charming touch because of its mild, temperate climate and the abundance of forests and rivers. It also has a good reputation on being the place of good taste and good wines. There are also great hiking paths where you can discover beautiful countryside and architecture. Climb up onto the plateau and lovely sights open up onto the Claise Valley and Le Grand-Pressigny’s forest.

Visit Chaumussay, a charming little village in the valley of the Claise River – it is worth passing through in the summer to see their floral arrangements as well as the grotto planted on one end of the beautiful stone bridge. This was a former place of pilgrimage and the waters from its fountain were believed to cure eye problems.

With all these various attractions and activities the Loire Valley provides, one trip is never going to be enough to experience its treasures. The Loire is an exceptional adventure to be experienced whether on the water, in the air, or on the ground. Go ahead and experience the Loire any way you like!