Dating Holidays in the Loire Valley

If your last series of date nights ends up in pubs with you going home drunk, it’s probably time to switch things up. Don’t just go out to dinner; take your dating to the next level by going on a holiday together. Going on holidays actually produce enough time, space and just the right energy to really spice up the romance in your relationship. A two week dating holidays in the Loire Valley is the ultimate romantic getaway.

Romance comes more naturally in the Loire Valley with its rich history of passion and intrigue. Loire Valley or the Garden of France is famous for its magnificent chateau, enchanted vineyard and spectacular gardens. With its lovely palaces, its fine gastronomy and great landscapes, the Loire Valley is indeed the ultimate romantic destination in France.

Loire Valley is a paradise for photo lovers, from scenic landscapes to grand chateau the photo opportunities are just everywhere. These photos will make sure you bring back home lasting memories. There are diverse range of attractions and things to do Loire Valley. From its glorious castles and cathedrals, lovely gardens and natural parks everything will interest you. Activities can be on land, water and in the sky – you will not be disappointed!

Choose from a choice of hotels, holiday cottages, village house, manor house, B&B as well as villas to enjoy the different experiences of your romantic holiday.

Loire Valley Chateau
Loire Valley is best known for the architectural heritage of its famous chateaux which are classified as UNESCO World Heritage site. Visit the best of the Loire Valley castles and immerse yourself in the French Renaissance.

Sleeping Beauty Castle – Le Chateau d’ Usse
Marvelous castle overlooking the Indre and Loire Rivers which is the inspiration of Charles Perrault for the tale of Sleeping Beauty. Step inside the castle and marvel as the fairy tale springs to life before your eyes.

Chenonceau Castle used to be the royal residence; it’s an exceptional site because of its original design, the richness of its collections, its furniture and its decorations and the history of the women who protected it.

The architecture of Chambord is a balanced blend of traditional elements of Medieval French and Italian Renaissance. It is the perfect reflection of the king who built it.

Chateau Amboise
The chateau is an emblematic monument and its landscaped gardens offer one of the most remarkable panoramas of the Loire Valley. It is registered as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. The chateau is open to the public everyday except New Year and Christmas.

Chateau Villandry
The great gardens of Villandry are one of the few places in Loire Valley to be open every day of the year. Make the most of it and be amazed at their constantly changing beauty from January to December!

Wine tour is perfect to incorporate into your romantic dating holiday schedule. Wine tasting can be a stand-alone day visit for the novice or connoisseur.

Le Tasting Room
Wine tour gives a fascinating insight into the wines and winemakers of the Loire valley. They give a comprehensive tasting and lunch in the comfort of the old winemaker’s home followed by a guided winery visit in the afternoon.

Loire Valley Wine Tour
It’s a fun introduction to the region and its wines. The tour allows you to enjoy the vineyards and wine tasting without the worry of driving. They offer half-day and one-day visits, two-day tours with accommodation and multi-region tours over five days.

Loire Wine Tours
Discover, savour, reveal, explore, and uncork wine. The Loire Wine Tours offers a selection of short break wine tours and wine tastings in the Loire valley vineyards for individuals, couples and for groups during May to September.

The perfect place for a cycling holiday with a mix of dedicated cycle paths and meticulously signposted routes along minor roads. Bicycling is such a delight, pedal past vineyards and orchards to grand chateau. Fill your bike with goodies and picnic down the road.

For an unforgettable moment, order a picnic lunch or bring out your hampers, shopping bags stocked with local delicacies and wines, spread out a blanket and bask in the early summer sun.
There are private estates in the region which are open to the public and provide a perfect setting for eating al fresco.

Feast your eyes while flying over some magnificent landscapes rich with lush forests, vineyards and the last wild river in Europe.

Balloon revolution
Fly over the Loire Valley and Cher, castles, vineyards and forests and discover the garden of France as you’ve never seen! Celebrate the event around the toast of balloonist, while the pilot gives you the flight certificate.

France balloons
Drift slowly over the architectural masterpieces in a hot air balloon guided by the winds. Balloon rides in the Loire valley are scheduled every day in the morning and evening when the weather conditions are optimal, daily, including national holidays, from April to October.

CANOEING & KAYAKING in the Loire River
There are many opportunities for canoe/kayak ride within the Loire Valley. Discover the natural, historical and architectural heritage of the region while descending its many delightful rivers.

Canoe France
An unmissable singles dating activity in the Loire region, canoeing and kayaking is an unforgettable experience accessible to everyone. Situated in an ideal position on the banks of the River Loire, 5 minutes from Blois in the heart of the Pays des Châteaux, discover the natural and cultural heritage of the Loire Valley.

Witness a truly view of the breathtaking Loire Valley and its major castles in a helicopter sightseeing tour. This is probably one of the best ways to celebrate a special occasion with a loved one. Land in a vineyard for an unforgettable wine tasting or in a castle park for a unique local product tasting.

Stately châteaux, colourful gardens, flourishing vineyards and mediaeval villages make boating the Loire Valley a magical experience. Stop to fish, take the bikes for a spin, and enjoy the scenery.

The only hotel barge navigating the heart of the Loire Valley. The 6 passenger hotel barge Nymphea is the ideal vessel for cruising the Valley. They will take you on unforgettable tours of Château de Chenonceau, Château d’Amboise, Château du Clos Lucé, the Villandry Gardens and a Troglodyte cave dwelling allowing you to become completely immersed in the wonders of the Loire Valley.

There is a wide range of restaurants in the region offering everything from traditional local fare, to ‘special occasion’ restaurants, and a mixture of foreign cuisines.

Gourmet Tour
The Gastronomy tour will welcome you in the heart of France and have you fall in love with the intense aromas, beautiful thought out flavors and sensational tastes of delicately crafted masterpieces. Visiting the impressive castles and chateaux of the region will make dining like kings and queens a true reality.

The Orangerie
The castle allow visitors inside the Orangerie, it will welcome you in a charming setting at the back of the Jardin Vert designed by Bernard Palissy. It has a restaurant, a snack bar, a tea house and a store.

Côté Loire
Côté Loire is nestled back from the road that follows the bank of Loire, on the Place de la Grève (just a 2 minute walk to the castle of Blois). The restaurant was built during the XVIth century.

Château du Breuil
The Chateau du Breuil is situated in the heart of the Loire Valley a few leagues from Cheverny, it is above all a place where visitors are welcomed as a very special, privileged guest.

Les Closeaux
A traditional restaurant nestled in the Loire vineyards, between Amboise, Chenonceaux and Chaumont-sur-Loire. The restaurant is organized around an open calcareous tufa chimney and a reception room upstairs.

What better way to learn about the history of France than in its museums?

Blois Museum
Immerse yourself in the amazing History of France. Blois was the residence of seven kings and ten queens. Its architecture and collections of paintings offer a panorama of all the best that was achieved in France between the middle ages and the 17th century.

Parc Leonardo Da Vinci
Château du Clos Lucé countryside display is a top cultural attraction. The museum is journey of discovery, on the trail of Leonardo da Vinci’s visionary genius. Learn more about Leonardo’s creativity while enjoying a walk which is both fun and educational.