Wouldn’t it be nice to feel like you’ve escaped to the past and slipped into a world where life was much simpler, more elegant, and much more pleasing to the eye? Experience just that when you visit the Chateaux of the Loire Valley. Travel back in time and admire the spectacular views in and out of the castles whilst sharing its thoughts and discovering its mysteries.

The Chateaux of the Loire Valley boasts of its magnificent elegance. Castles have been preserved throughout the ages and has attracted and inspired many great artists in the world. Appreciate the history and fascinating architecture of the splendid castles all around and fall in love with its natural splendor.

The Loire Valley’s legacy is astonishingly diversified ranging from fortresses to Renaissance palaces and classic castles. Besides the magnificent and fascinating architecture, marvel with the beauty of the museum and galleries, tapestry collections, furniture and the gardens. There are numerous castles to explore in the Loire Valley and here are some of them.

CHATEAU DE CHENONCEAUCHATEAU DE CHENONCEAU is renowned for its beauty and history and is the most visited chateaux in France.
Address: 37150 Chenonceaux, France



CHATEAU DE CHAMBORDCHATEAU DE CHAMBORD is one of the finest examples of the Renaissance architecture in France and the most recognizable and largest chateaux in the Loire Valley.

Address: Maison des Réfractaires, 41250 Chambord, France


CHATEAU D’AZAY-LE-RIDEAUCHATEAU D’AZAY-LE-RIDEAU is a picturesque chateau and has become one of the most popular of the Chateaux of the Loire Valley. It is hard to believe that it was a former feudal castle because of its beauty.
Address: 19 Rue Balzac, 37190 Azay-le-Rideau, France


CHATEAU DE LANGEAISCHATEAU DE LANGEAIS is a medieval castle rebuilt as a chateau. It’s kid friendly with the addition of a little town as an added bonus for its visitors to enjoy.
Address: Place Pierre de Brosse, 37130 Langeais, France


CHATEAU D’USSECHATEAU D’USSE is famed for its picturesque beauty and is classified as a National Heritage Site of France.
Address: Rigny-Usse, 37420 Usse, France



CHATEAU DE VILLANDRYCHATEAU DE VILLANDRY is one of the last large castles built along the Loire and is known for its spectacular gardens.
Address: 3 rue Principale, 37510 Villandry, France


CHATEAU DE BLOISCHATEAU DE BLOIS sits right at the Blois’ city center and is the place where Joan of Arc went to be blessed by the Archbishop of Reims before departing with her army. Its most famous feature is a spiral staircase.
Address: 6 Place du Château, 41000 Blois, France


CHATEAU DE CHEVERNYCHATEAU DE CHEVERNY is famous for its exquisite interior and holds a large collection of tapestries, furniture and artwork that are well preserved.
Address: 41700 Cheverny, France


CHATEAU DE BRISSACCHATEAU DE BRISSAC is the highest chateau in France with its monumental facade facing the rising sun.
Address: Rue Louis Moron, 49320 Brissac-Quincé, France.



CHATEAU D’AMBOISECHATEAU D’AMBOISE has the most remarkable panoramas of the Loire Valley. Leonardo da Vinci was buried in the chateaux’s chapel.
Address: BP 371 F-37 403 Amboise CEDEX, Centre, France


The most famous chateaux are easily accessible from France’s capital city Paris. It can be visited all year long. Visiting the Chateaux of the Loire Valley is an experience extraordinaire and is guaranteed to be your most memorable trip to France.