The Loire Valley wine region includes the French wine regions situated along the Loire River. Majority of the wine production takes place in the regions of Muscadet, Anjou, Savennieres, Saumur, Chinon, Bourgueil , Bourgueil, Vouvray, Montlouis, Sancerre, Pouilly Fumé and Menetou Salon.

We have listed some of the wineries found in these regions.

Domaine Pierre Luneau-Papin (Muscadet)
This estate has been in existence since the early 18th century and is also known as Domaine Pierre de la Grange. Their Folle Blanche is a must try and a perfect match for oysters. They also have easy drinking wines of red, rose and white.

Domaine de la Pepiere (Muscadet)
Domaine de la Pépière is one of the top estates in the Muscadet region of the Loire. They make wines the natural way, harvesting everything by hand. Their wines are not only delicious young, but can also age 10 to 30 years. Their Muscadet-sur-Lie is an authentic item and has crispness that makes Muscadet so refreshing, and the classic wine match for seafood.

Chateau de Pierre Bise (Anjou)
This winery controls over 32 hectares of vines, producing parcel whites, reds and sweet wines and produces excellent quality wines. It is most famous for their sweet wines.

Chateau de Fesles (Anjou)
The vineyard parcels of this estate dedicated to the production of dry Chenin are
next to the Château itself. They produce particularly expressive Anjou blanc due to the
geological similarities to the adjacent vineyards of Bonnezeaux A must try is the white sweet/dessert wine made from Chenin Blanc

Château de Chamboureau (Savennieres)
Château de Chamboureau is run by the Soulez family. It sits on top of the plateau and is surrounded on three sides by its own vineyards. This area has produced wine for at least the last 400 years. Their process of making Savennieres is quite different than most because they pick them by hand and ferments them in tanks instead of woods resulting to a superb tasting variety.

Domaine des Baumard (Savennieres)
Baumard, a family owned firm has been one of the leading growers in Savennieres over the past forty years. Their wines are consistent its the level of quality.

Caves Louis de Grenelle (Saumur)
Caves Louis de Grenelle is situated at 12m underground in the centre of Saumur and was once a tufa quarry. The Louis de Grenelle wine cellars have been producing, in the purest tradition, Cremant de Loire and Saumur Brut since 1859.

Langlois-Chateau (Saumur)
Langlois-Chateau is a family-owned company since 1885. They make high quality wine using only grapes from their own vineyards. They have been producing a number of still wines and Cremant de Loire.

Chateau de Coulaine (Chinon)
Chateau de Coulaine is a family-owned estate that has been operating continuously since 1300. Their vineyards are organically farmed and all grapes are hand-harvested. They make one of the most delicious Cabernet Francs in the whole region.

Domaine Bernard Baudry (Chinon)
After 5 years of gaining experience Bernard Baudry decided to start up his own business in 1975 with 2 hectares of vines, and the rest they say is history. They make Chinon Blanc which is a rarity nowadays, as well as a fabulous Chinon Rosé. The Baudry’s are traditionalists, and you would have a hard time finding a Chinon more classic than theirs.

Pierre-Jacques Druet (Bourgueil)
Pierre-Jacques Druet is widely regarded as one of the region’s top wine producers. His wines are known for its longevity and are mostly included in France’s best wine lists due to its flexibility to blend well with classical cuisine.

Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil (Bourgueil)
The cultivation of wine in Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil was developed by the Benedictine monks at Bourgueil Abbey. Locals attribute the introduction of Cabernet Franc to Abbot Baudry (in 1089) who championed the region’s wines. The vineyards of Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil are spread over 820 hectares with the soil composed of tuffs of chalk and clay. It is well sheltered from the northern winds and the vineyards enjoy a mild and temperate micro-climate.

Château Gaudrelle (Vouvray)
Chateau Gaudrelle is a family-run winery of 50 acres and has been producing Vouvray wine since 1931. Their still and sparkling Vouvrays are now recognised as being amongst the very finest of the appellation. They produce a range of white wine from dry to the sweet and also sparkling with their local varietal Chenin blanc.

Domaine Huet (Vouvray)
Since its founding in 1928, Vouvray’s Domaine Huet has been the standard-bearer for great, ageworthy Chenin Blanc. And to this day, year after year, the estate produces some of the world’s most compelling white wines—and in a remarkable range that spans sparkling, dry, semi-dry, and breathtaking dessert styles.

Berger Frères (Montlouis)
The Domaine des Liards was created the day following the war by the Berger brothers, who have now passed the estate on to the younger generation. Recognised by connoisseurs and restaurant-owners alike, in a good cellar these wines can keep for several decades.

Domaine des Liards (Montlouis)
This Domaine hand harvests fruits, pressed and fermented to produce a still wine, then vinified in the traditional method. Taste an authentic Chenin Blanc when you visit this domaine and their wines will keep in the cellar for several decades too.

Jean-Maire Bourgeois (Sancerre)
Jean-Maire Bourgeois is a family mastering Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir for 10 generations. They give great care and attention to their wines providing consistency and great quality. They make a very clean flavoured Sancerre.

Bailly-Reverdy et Fils (Sancerre)
This excellent domaine produces classic and flawless Sancerre that is absolutely enjoyable. While not technically organic, Bailly-Reverdy does not use herbicides and applies sustainable practices

Domaine des Berthiers (Pouilly Fumé)
Domaine Didier Dagueneau is located in Saint Andelain, a village in the Pouilly Fumé Appellation. He owns about 28 acres of land consisting of mainly clay and flint based soils. Didier Dagueneau is dedicated to producing some of the greatest white wines of the Loire. He is considered by many to be a master of the sauvignon blanc grape.

Chateau de Nozet De LaDoucette (Pouilly Fumé)
Quality is the key to any de Ladoucette wine. The Baron de Ladoucette is dedicated to maintaining exceptionally high standards throughout his portfolio. His wines are made in the state-of-the art winery and are considered to be some of the finest examples of their type.

Domaine de Chatenoy (MENETOU SALON)
Domaine de Chatenoy is owned by Pierre Clement, whose family have been winegrowers here since 1560 (14 generations) and has owned the domaine since 1709. The Clements own some of the finest hillside vineyards in the appellationand produces some of the most high-quality wines in the region.

Domaine Henry Pelle (MENETOU SALON)
Henri Pelle is Menetou-Salon’s finest producer. He is responsible for the incredibly pure and wonderfully terroir driven wines being produced in the region. His tasteful red and rose wines are also very famous.