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Linen Sheets

Imagine the following situation: You’ll have guests coming over either to spend just one night, the weekend or for a longer period. Your guest bedroom (assuming you have one and won’t offer them that air mattress you have hidden somewhere in your house) is far from cosy and comfortable. If that situation is already a nightmare for people it’s even worse for companies that depend on their facilities to do business.

There are several other aspects involving the reception of guests at your establishment (providing a good service is one of them!). But if there’s one thing that will make them feel welcome is a nice, clean and inviting room. They will be certainly impressed if they notice you’ve worried in making them comfortable, or as you may, in their home away from home. We’ve put together a list with ten topics that will make your guests never want to leave.

  • Bedding

Is there anything more comfortable than lying on a clean bed with soft linen after a long trip? I doubt so! So make sure you have the right one! The sheets, for instance, can be made of Egyptian cotton, cotton, silk, pure linen or even of a blend of fabrics. Whatever you choose ensure it’s clean and ready for your guests to use when they arrive. Check out more information on pure linen sheets in Australia.

  • Mirror

Whether it’s a full-length or a custom sized, a mirror will give your guests a better experience when getting dressed.

  • Storage

Nobody likes to have to go through their suitcase every time they want something. Provide your guests with plenty of storage for them to unpack and organise their belongings the way that pleases them. Storage can be racks, tallboys or even a closet if there’s enough space.

  • Lighting

Lamps on a bedside table will allow your guests to read or use gadgets in bed and also find their way to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

  • Bedside table

Because you need a place to actually put the lamps. Although there are other alternatives to lighting (e.g. lamps hanging from the ceiling or hooked to the wall) this is usually a less expensive way to secure your lamps. And guests can use the bedside table to keep things at a reachable distance, for example, mobiles, alarm clocks, medicine, etc.

  • Flowers

Putting fresh flowers in the room adds a natural scent to the space. Just make sure your guests are not allergic to it!

  • Extra sitting

Whether it’s a daybed or a comfortable chair, extra sitting will give your guests other option to seat other than the bed. They might enjoy reading a book or checking their emails while enjoying the view (assuming the room has windows). If there’s enough space add a floor lamp as well.

  • Snacks

Don’t make your guests stuck with kitchen hours. Make available some snacks they can have between the main meals offered by your establishment. It can include chocolates, crackers, beverages and others you may judge necessary. Offering typical food from the region your premises are located is a nice touch and a good way to introduce the local culture.

  • Toiletries

You don’t have to choose the most expensive toiletries available in the market to impress your guests, especially if you don’t have a luxurious accommodation. Toiletries with a good scent and quality presented in an eye-catching packaging will do the trick.

  • Going an extra mile with….welcoming notes!

A hand written welcoming note placed somewhere they cannot miss will show how you carefully thought about every detail to ensure their stay it’s comfortable and pleasant. It’s a small gesture they’ll remember next time they have to book a place to stay.

And remember: the details will show your guests how delighted you are for having them. Do it well and you’ll have faithful customers for years to come.