A SharePoint overview by Catherine Blum.


If you’ve noticed your employees are having trouble meeting deadlines it might be due to a work overload. However it might also be because most of their time is spent answering and forwarding e-mails trying to get their co-workers aware of what’s going on in a project, for example. Or they might waste an awful amount of time looking for files in the intranet only to find out later that someone saved the document in a different folder than the one that was previously established. And the down part is that these scenarios are more common than they should be.

SharePoint is a software that was designed to solve those recurrent situations and simplify everyday tasks. With SharePoint you can file, organise and share documents, projects or others, as well as connect with people.

For instance, filing documents is easier with SharePoint because you can decide whether to use folders or tags to identify a document. Tags are responsible for gathering several documents, even of different formats, under a same subject. For example, a company that offers SharePoint development might choose to file the documents of a project done in Melbourne using tags, such as ‘project’ or ‘Melbourne’, or to place under a folder named ‘SharePoint Melbourne’.

SharePoint also plays a good role in connecting co-workers. The software makes it possible for employees to follow people, projects, documents, sites or even tags so they’re aware of any updates or changes that happen regarding the ones (or things) being followed. With SharePoint it’s also possible to set a general newsfeed or a specific feed for a project or something similar. So no more tracking down documents in the intranet and trying to figure out which is the latest version.

The software allows as well app development for teams. For instance, the Finance department might need a specific application that’s not useful for other groups or that shouldn’t be accessed by others so a custom app can be developed to satisfy the needs of that team. It’s also possible to buy an app in the App Store (Office Store) where there are currently more than 150 apps available to purchase or to download, as some are free.

The features mentioned are just a few offered by SharePoint. And although it’s quite a user-friendly software it’s encouraged to provide training to the company staff. Training everyone involved with the software instead of only one person will ensure the maximum and correct use of the software and make sure SharePoint is well worth the investment.



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