Business Loans for a Chateau in the Loire Valley

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Fairy tales such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White gave us the need to make sense of life and romance with the hope of good triumphing over evil, but aside from that, it also opened our eyes to the breathtaking beauty of magnificent castles.

Imagine living in a tower-topped chateau governing the landscape with a vision of mystique and romance. Walking in through the castle doors and going up the long, windy staircase will make you feel like you’re transported into a dream, a fairy tale land where happy endings always exist.

If you’ve ever been to the Loire Valley in France, you must have visited some of the magnificent and enchanting castles in your exploration expedition. The countryside is riddled with a number of majestic chateaux with a diverse palette of styles which captures the imagination like no other architectural wonder.

Chateaux are definitely not cheap and usually has over 1 hectare of land. But despite of it being costly, there’s a strong interest for people to buy such property, either for a family home or a tourism trade. Business loans are what most business people turn to, to gain the financial assistance they need in order to acquire the chateau of their dreams. They’re either renovated then transformed into a hotel or serves as a family retreat for the more affluent ones.

If you’re contemplating on buying a chateau either for pleasure or business, you can find many beautiful properties to choose from in the Loire Valley. French chateaux and large estates are offering value for money with acres of land, lakes, outhouses and ample floor spaces. Those with less budgets opt to buy a large building with little land to make their money go further while others buy a smaller Logis style property and then utilises the land for horses, wildlife or hunting.

Living in a castle is nothing short of spectacular and if I had the resources, I definitely would buy a chateau in France where I can live my very own fairy tale. But for the meantime, I’ll just go ahead and book a trip to the Loire Valley for a spot of castle hopping!


Irish Pub Tours Loire Valley

Irish Pub Tours Loire Valley France: The Pale

Tours (pronounced “Tuurh”) is the largest city in central France located on the river Loire in the Centre-Val de Loire region. Tourine, the region around Tours is known for its wines and for the perfection of its local spoken French. Much of the city is modern, it is a beautiful and lively city at night where you can find lots of places to relax, drink a beer or dance the night away.

An Irish missing home can find Irish camaraderie in The Pale, an authentic Irish Pub Tours Loire Valley is located in the heart of town at 18 Place Street at the corner of Rue Colbert and place Foire-le-Roi. The Pale is open from 2:00pm to 2:00am daily. It’s definitely the pub to go when you are visiting Tours, it’s close to everything. It is a great place to unwind after a day of sightseeing or have a few drinks after dinner. The outdoor seating and plenty of Irish beer make it a prime warm-weather hangout, day and night.

The Pale’s welcoming staff could make you feel at home and comfortable, even thousands of miles away from home. The Pale is popular with visitors of all ages, especially the English speaking ones. A great place to go if you are feeling lost and don’t speak any French as the clientele is about 75% Anglophone and all the staff are Irish.

Personally signed Irish celebrity framed posters, photographs and memorabilia are tastefully hung on the wooden walls, giving the pub a homey appeal. There are also beer tankards inscribed with the regular’s name. The Pale also have numerous wide HD screens and Sky Sports you won’t have to miss an important sporting event back home. The pub is particularly busy on game nights when fans gather to watch rugby and football matches.

There are billiard tables downstairs where they regularly have in-house concerts, invited bands play Irish music and dance nights. The Pale also have an upstairs section for people to play chess, backgammon and darts. The Pale have a wonderful terrace that is heated in the winter where you can chat with friends while drinking coffee or simply watch the people go by.

The Pale is one Irish pub all the way, with Guinness, as well an enviable collection of Irish whiskey alongside the beautifully lit bar. There is always an upbeat crowd here, and the staff makes sure everyone is having a good time. If you visit Tours and don’t go to The Pale, then you have missed out on a guaranteed highlight of your holiday!


Social Media Agency For Your Business

Are you using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, G+ and other social media platforms to market your business? How much time do you spend online each day reaching and interacting with your customers and potential customers? If you don’t have the time or resources to pull together a creative team within your organization for social media management, it may be time to give a social media agency a call. LOURDES LAPSO answers what Social Media Agency can do for your business.


A Social Media Agency is a team of professionals who specialize in social media marketing to create business opportunities, awareness, online branding, strategy, develop content , generate quality leads and help businesses with its overall growth.

20 Things a Social Media Agency can do for Your Business

1. Social Media Agency will coach you in getting started in developing an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,  Linkedin, G+ and other social platforms necessary for your business . They will help answer all your questions with different social networks and how to manage them more efficiently with the tools that are available.

2. Doing social media yourself is far from a cost-saving and eats into your productive hours in which you could be doing something else. Paying people for service holds them to account, you can agree and set the terms of what you expect of a social media campaign, and let them deliver against that.

3. Hiring a Social Media Agency gives you savings in the long run. You don’t have to hire a full-time employee with all the benefits to manage your social media marketing campaign.

4. Hiring an Agency is like hiring a team of more than ten people for a price of one. A full social marketing campaign includes, research, planning, design, video production, public relations, analytics, strategy and execution.

5. An Agency can help create buzz for your products through contest and promotions. They will help engage the audience by promoting relevant and interesting content, company insights and news.

6. Social Media Manager will help you realize your business goals and bring return on your investment by providing social media monitoring, growth analysis and the positive effects it has on your business.

7. Hiring a Social Media Agency is a great way to save you time. You don’t have to spend time sitting down everyday making status updates, tweets, uploads and learning new social media tools.

8. Social Media Agency Sydney will help you grow an active social media customer base for new product, service launches and promotions.

9. Help you create a sound social media plan that will increase your customer base and average customer value. It will also increase your company’s social reach and the value it’s bringing to your business.

10. Social Media Manager will help you in content development including video, graphics, photos, memes, contest, giveaways and blog post.

11. Social Media Agency with help you achieve business growth by raising your brand awareness and bringing back customers through social media management.

12. Social Media Agency will drive more customers to your website and get your business prominent placement in search results. So you can target your marketing to the people who are already searching for what you sell or offer in Australia.

13. Social Media Agency has a plan, knows what will work and let you skip the trial and error phase because they have the social media tools and know how to help your business gain success online.

14. They will help you reach your desired target market by displaying ads to customers located or interested in a specific geographical area.

15. You don’t have to spend time to keep up with all the new social media tools for social media management. Social Media Agency’s job is to keep up with this stuff.

16. Social media agency can make an objective assessment of your business and implement a strategy that gives you the greatest chance of success. They can ensure the quickest results because they know what works and what doesn’t.

17. They can use social media software, analytics and other tools to optimize campaigns. The skill set of an agency will help discover a wealth of information over time, which will translate into more followers, more shares, and ultimately, increased sales.

18. You may not have the adequate human resources to effectively run a proper social media marketing campaign, if employees already have their hands full with other tasks. Social Media Agency will take care of it for you.

19. Social Media Agency will help you with social listening. They will help brand to listen, understand and engage effectively with their online communities and help in evaluating underlying sentiment, identifying key influencers then recommending actions to take.

20. An agency has dedicated people who remain up-to-date with technological developments and will be able to accurately predict the next marketing trend.


A SharePoint overview by Catherine Blum.


If you’ve noticed your employees are having trouble meeting deadlines it might be due to a work overload. However it might also be because most of their time is spent answering and forwarding e-mails trying to get their co-workers aware of what’s going on in a project, for example. Or they might waste an awful amount of time looking for files in the intranet only to find out later that someone saved the document in a different folder than the one that was previously established. And the down part is that these scenarios are more common than they should be.

SharePoint is a software that was designed to solve those recurrent situations and simplify everyday tasks. With SharePoint you can file, organise and share documents, projects or others, as well as connect with people.

For instance, filing documents is easier with SharePoint because you can decide whether to use folders or tags to identify a document. Tags are responsible for gathering several documents, even of different formats, under a same subject. For example, a company that offers SharePoint development might choose to file the documents of a project done in Melbourne using tags, such as ‘project’ or ‘Melbourne’, or to place under a folder named ‘SharePoint Melbourne’.

SharePoint also plays a good role in connecting co-workers. The software makes it possible for employees to follow people, projects, documents, sites or even tags so they’re aware of any updates or changes that happen regarding the ones (or things) being followed. With SharePoint it’s also possible to set a general newsfeed or a specific feed for a project or something similar. So no more tracking down documents in the intranet and trying to figure out which is the latest version.

The software allows as well app development for teams. For instance, the Finance department might need a specific application that’s not useful for other groups or that shouldn’t be accessed by others so a custom app can be developed to satisfy the needs of that team. It’s also possible to buy an app in the App Store (Office Store) where there are currently more than 150 apps available to purchase or to download, as some are free.

The features mentioned are just a few offered by SharePoint. And although it’s quite a user-friendly software it’s encouraged to provide training to the company staff. Training everyone involved with the software instead of only one person will ensure the maximum and correct use of the software and make sure SharePoint is well worth the investment.



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linen sheets australia

Linen Sheets

Imagine the following situation: You’ll have guests coming over either to spend just one night, the weekend or for a longer period. Your guest bedroom (assuming you have one and won’t offer them that air mattress you have hidden somewhere in your house) is far from cosy and comfortable. If that situation is already a nightmare for people it’s even worse for companies that depend on their facilities to do business.

There are several other aspects involving the reception of guests at your establishment (providing a good service is one of them!). But if there’s one thing that will make them feel welcome is a nice, clean and inviting room. They will be certainly impressed if they notice you’ve worried in making them comfortable, or as you may, in their home away from home. We’ve put together a list with ten topics that will make your guests never want to leave.

  • Bedding

Is there anything more comfortable than lying on a clean bed with soft linen after a long trip? I doubt so! So make sure you have the right one! The sheets, for instance, can be made of Egyptian cotton, cotton, silk, pure linen or even of a blend of fabrics. Whatever you choose ensure it’s clean and ready for your guests to use when they arrive. Check out more information on pure linen sheets in Australia.

  • Mirror

Whether it’s a full-length or a custom sized, a mirror will give your guests a better experience when getting dressed.

  • Storage

Nobody likes to have to go through their suitcase every time they want something. Provide your guests with plenty of storage for them to unpack and organise their belongings the way that pleases them. Storage can be racks, tallboys or even a closet if there’s enough space.

  • Lighting

Lamps on a bedside table will allow your guests to read or use gadgets in bed and also find their way to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

  • Bedside table

Because you need a place to actually put the lamps. Although there are other alternatives to lighting (e.g. lamps hanging from the ceiling or hooked to the wall) this is usually a less expensive way to secure your lamps. And guests can use the bedside table to keep things at a reachable distance, for example, mobiles, alarm clocks, medicine, etc.

  • Flowers

Putting fresh flowers in the room adds a natural scent to the space. Just make sure your guests are not allergic to it!

  • Extra sitting

Whether it’s a daybed or a comfortable chair, extra sitting will give your guests other option to seat other than the bed. They might enjoy reading a book or checking their emails while enjoying the view (assuming the room has windows). If there’s enough space add a floor lamp as well.

  • Snacks

Don’t make your guests stuck with kitchen hours. Make available some snacks they can have between the main meals offered by your establishment. It can include chocolates, crackers, beverages and others you may judge necessary. Offering typical food from the region your premises are located is a nice touch and a good way to introduce the local culture.

  • Toiletries

You don’t have to choose the most expensive toiletries available in the market to impress your guests, especially if you don’t have a luxurious accommodation. Toiletries with a good scent and quality presented in an eye-catching packaging will do the trick.

  • Going an extra mile with….welcoming notes!

A hand written welcoming note placed somewhere they cannot miss will show how you carefully thought about every detail to ensure their stay it’s comfortable and pleasant. It’s a small gesture they’ll remember next time they have to book a place to stay.

And remember: the details will show your guests how delighted you are for having them. Do it well and you’ll have faithful customers for years to come.

Australian Outback Tours

australian outback tours

The Loire Valley is in the heart of Europe and close to many other tourist sites of significant historic and cultural importance. A million miles away from the Australian Outback you may well imagine. But possibly they have more in common than you think.

Although not well recognised for it, Australia has a culture well worth experiencing. The history of Australian Aboriginal culture goes back over possibly 60,000 years and is the oldest surviving culture in the world. The modern Australian Outback culture was forged by pioneers who risked their lives in the harsh conditions of an undeveloped Australia to start a new life.

Both these fascinating cultures can be discovered when you take an Outback tour. Aussie Farmstay and Bush Adventure operate their Outback tours from Sydney which take travellers away from the city and into the bush to discover the culture, history and nature of  Australian Outback tours.

The true Australian Outback starts much further from Sydney than it is possible to drive to on a 1 or 2 day tour from Sydney, but the easily accessible bush visited with Aussie Farmstay and Bush Adventures has the same unique Outback culture as found further inland.

You will have an Outback experience not easy to forget when you travel with Sally from Aussie Farmstay and Bush Adventures and visit the unique farm “Inglevale” near Eugowra in Central West NSW. This small farm has been cultivated exclusively with horse teams for its entire history. The father of current owner Bill Norris, Wilf, never saw the need to buy a tractor when his horses worked very well, and that’s the way the work has been done ever since.

The Norris’s, who visitors get to meet and spend an afternoon, evening and morning with, are a typical generous and friendly Australian bush family who typify Outback ideals. As well as discovering age old farming techniques of horse work and shearing, visitors enjoy a meal around the campfire and are entertained with performances of traditional and modern Australian country music.

Away from any lights (the farm has no electricity connection) the opportunity to view the brilliant Southern skies stars is not to be missed. It is here that Sally can recount some Aboriginal legends of constellations and explain how the Aboriginal people viewed the sky.

Another outstanding experience of Aboriginal culture is at the Waradah Centre in Katoomba which is visited on her Outback tours. Here the Aboriginal hosts explain Aboriginal lifestyle, customs and artefacts and perform Aboriginal dances and music. This world class facility provides a favourite tour experience.

So although a world away from the culture of Europe, Australia’s Outback has cultures all of its own no less fascinating which Aussie Farmstay and Bush Adventures can reveal to you.

For more info click on this link: Outback Tours