Families Welcome

Aussie brother and sister Jack and Olivia loved their stay in the Loire Valley.

Even though only 2 and 3 years old, they were thrilled by the majesty of the castles and chateaux.

Their parents Paul and Jo had long wanted a trip to France, and the Loire Valley is very convenient by fast train to both Disneyland and Paris – it’s on the same train line so no changeovers required.

The trips between highlights within the Loire Valley are short which meant the kids weren’t prone to getting grumpy and fighting in the back seat – well, we won’t say never!

Of course travelling tips for parents nowadays involve the benefits of iPads and DS equipment, making for a much more tranquil travel experience.

In fact Jack and Olivia really bonded on this trip. As the photo shows, they were mutually enthralled by the sights both natural and historically man-made.

Topping it off with accommodation in Disneyland and watching the Disney spectacular at night, this was a trip they may forget through the prism of youthfulness, but their enjoyment will never be forgotten by mum and dad, who took plenty of photos to treasure for a lifetime.