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20 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Digital Marketing …

By Sydney based social media writer Christine Buhay …

Digital marketing is a powerful force in the marketing landscape. It is such a complex and continually evolving area that is focused on increasing the reach and visibility of your business. It is applied in developing strong marketing objectives to produce great impact on any business. Here are 20 reasons why your business needs digital marketing:

  1. Digital marketing is cost-effective and affordable. It requires only little investment, but you can expect far greater returns. It is also less costly than traditional marketing campaigns as there are no printing, postage and distribution costs, instead, you are left with a cost effective means to offer personalised marketing communications to your audience.
  2. Digital marketing creates your brand image. It can help you establish your brand by simply presenting the strengths of your products or services. Use your strengths to solidify what you are all about and how you can best help your customers.
  3. Digital marketing has real time results and information. It offers actual time information that can be updated at any time and changed accordingly to suit your business needs. With just a click of a button, you can see the numbers of visitors to your site and its subscribers increase, peak trading times and much more. See in real time what is or is not working for your business online and adjust very quickly to improve your results.
  4. Digital marketing monitors your reputation. Many consumers express their grievances and complaints via social media and this can damage your brand. Digital marketing can oversee this for you so that you can resolve the issues right away.
  5. Digital marketing gets you found. Search engine ranking is an important scheme for any business in the digital world. A successful campaign can take your website to the first page ranking bringing you more visitors – the more visitors on your site, the more buyers you’ll have.
  6. Digital marketing is a fast and easy access. With today’s digital age, almost anyone can gain access to the internet. Your advertisements and campaigns can easily be seen anywhere in the world, exposing your content to an enormous potential customer base.
  7. Digital marketing enhances your credibility. It’s not enough that your clients and prospects know and like you. You want them to trust you! Digital marketing lets you share your knowledge and information through a blog post and other social media platforms which provides you instant credibility. Supplying valuable information and communicating your ideas about current news shows that you’re concerned about your audience and you’re constantly updated with current affairs.
  8. Digital marketing can reinvent your website. Your website should be vibrant, helpful and visually engaging, and digital marketing can guarantee your website performs at its finest. It’s good to reinvent your websites to stay fresh and relevant in the marketplace.
  9. Digital marketing can improve consumer relationship. Consumers and clients can easily reach you through social media sites and having them close to you can be rewarding. Developing a bond or friendship with your consumers is a great deal to a lasting connection.
  10. Digital marketing has limitless networking among people. Shout outs and posts can take your business to a wider audience. Digital marketing makes this task so much easier as you can begin new relationships around the globe.
  11. Digital marketing can easily track feedbacks and reviews. Customer feedbacks are important for you to improve your products or services to give customer satisfaction. Positive reviews can also strengthen your credibility to new visitors when they read about it in your site.
  12. Digital marketing is focused and specific. It helps consumers narrow their search for a particular service they are considering. This will more likely lead to attracting the target audience you are looking for.
  13. Digital marketing can reach mass amounts of people in short time. Internet is practically everywhere and can reach as far as it can to endorse your brand.
  14. Digital marketing welcomes interaction from your audience and keeps customers engaged. Keeping your customers interested is important in your business. You can interact effectively with clients and potential customers in a personalised way encouraging them to visit your website, purchase your products or services and provide feedback which is apparent to your market, ultimately creating good publicity as well.
  15. Digital marketing helps you keep up with competitors. By conducting competitive research to see where your top competitors are investing their time and money, you can keep pace and be ahead of the game.
  16. Digital marketing can easily attract the attention of potential customers. It can actually hold the attention of your readers and encourage them to take action like visit your website or social media channel and read about what you can do for them resulting to positive results.
  17. Digital marketing is not intrusive. Receiving emails on products or services that are not a topic of interest to you can be frustrating. Don’t you just hate it when someone calls you at inconvenient times and sells you something you’re not even keen on? Hard selling is not applicable with digital marketing because potential clients are the ones looking for you.
  18. Digital marketing has measurable results. It has the ability to track and scrutinize virtually everything. It can track how and why your prospects find you and is the best way to know what’s working and what isn’t, therefore you can regularly improve your traffic-building and lead-generation strategies.
  19. Digital marketing gives you direct access to your customers. You can use your social networking profiles to gather, compile and analyse as much information about your customers as possible and use this to create relevant marketing campaigns tailored for them.
  20. Digital marketing offers businesses the opportunity to measure and track the effectiveness of each campaign. It allows businesses to test a wide array of strategies allowing them to gauge which produces the best response. Campaigns can be easily adjusted and scaled up or down.

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